1 year of Garuda


I can’t believe it’s been a year, where is the time going :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I’m a little late for an introduction. I don’t really like “the spotlight”, so to speak. However, I wanted to make this post, mostly to show appreciation to the Garuda team and community, given today is my 1 year anniversary on the forum. So…


Hey, I’m Anthony. Most people I know call me Tony, but I go by Kilo on the webs. This nickname goes back to high school, I won’t bore you with all the details. Call me by whatever you want, though. There’s not a lot to say about myself. I’m a freelance fullstack web dev. I like tech, Linux, Garuda ( obviously ), food, movies, learning, and long walks on the beach ( this is my attempt at humor, I barely leave this house ). I’ve been in a constant battle of anxiety and depression since I was a child ( I fear medication so I don’t take any ). I also have a horrible short-term memory. Maybe you didn’t need to know any of that, but it’s who I am, so well… there it is.


Before Garuda, I had been a Windows guy ( hate Apple, their software isn’t all bad though ). I had a few short lived experiments with Linux desktop in the past, but always wound up going back to Windows. My first introduction to Linux was Ubuntu in high school, somewhere around 2006. My next was when my computer was fried somewhere around 2012-2014 or so ( RIP ). I built a Frankenstein’s monster out of spare parts I had laying around, which only had 1gb of RAM. Loaded CrunchBang on it back before BunsenLabs took it over. I liked it, but that was before I was into tinkering with software. Mainly just used it as a means to use a web browser. However, back to windows I went when I built a new PC, as I was a big gamer back then.

Coming of Linux:

About a year ago, MS decided to kill off support for a lot of CPUs (Win11) as I’m sure most, if not all of you know. This was the final nail the the coffin for me, given my custom built PC was only 5 years old. My fault for using a dated CPU, I suppose. This prompted me to look elsewhere. I stumbled across a video of Garuda after doing a bit of distro hopping, and the rest is history. Now, I love Linux, and can’t stand Windows. I can’t help but cringe at all the auto updating popups that bombard you when logging in, among other things I could complain about for a while. I’ll spare you that, though. Feeling a bit spoiled now, Lol.

End remarks:

Linux has come miles since back when I tried it in the past. I really do admire and respect all the work that has gone into making it such a great OS. So many brilliant minds not motivated by greed working together. It’s a beautiful display of teamwork. Open-source software is amazing, and I hope to be able to contribute more to it in the future.

This distro is very well built, and I’ve had no desire to hop around since finding it. I’ve found the Garuda community to be very helpful, and welcoming. To the mods, and the users, a giant thank you for taking me in :heart_decoration: .


We do not yet have a button to welcome 1 year old forum rookies. :wink: so …

garuda welcome 2 :slight_smile:


Lol, there’s always time to add more buttons.

Thanks :smiley: , I’ll see if I can’t work on the rookie status.


Welcome to the Garuda community @kilo. :wave:


Welcome to Garuda Linux!

We don’t care how you got your nick, but we do pass on the left-hand side.


I looked just the other day to see when I joined and couldn’t find it. I had seen we are up to 7000 members and I wondered how many there were when I joined. Glad you like it here @kilo . Me too.

Do you ever put that stuff down @Bro ? I can’t afford to inhale as much as you do, but I wish I could…My device ran empty yesterday and it’ll be 3 days without. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Not if I can help it, no. It’s legal & dirt cheap. I fired-up my rig & installed Arch this morning. Not a bad way to start a Caturday. :joy_cat: :joy_cat:

Dirt cheap, huh? I’m paying $15 for a 1 gram device. It’s pretty cheap I guess. Need like 6 or 7 for the month though. Still adds up.

I don’t buy “devices.” I buy oil $5/10 gram. I dab almost exclusively, but this is not a weed forum. :wink:

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It is funny however a lot of Linux users do seem to enjoy the devils lettuce, myself included. I just finished my wake and bake :sunglasses:

I often wonder the connection, hell Steve Jobs built Apple while dropping LSD.


Jiminy Crickets! All I ever did on acid was…I don’t remember. I do recall listening to a lot of Jefferson Airplane and this one time, in band camp…

Actually I did. I saw Jimi Hendrix @ Red Rocks when it was just a teeny pebble. In '68. I was 16 & hitchhiking across the country. I stayed with friends for awhile in Boulder.

Boulder, Colorado in 1968 was its own Acid Trip. Hunter S. could have written about it, it was that weird.


I hallucinated dinosaurs for hours on a heavy mushroom trip, culminating with a sword fight with the devil in hell. Kids, definitely don’t try this at home. :lizard: :imp: :exploding_head:


Thanks for the flashback, guys! It works…
How you get from acid to Linux is still a mystery to me today. But most likely it is due to the expanded state of consciousness. :man_cartwheeling:t2:


Lmao, my post would turn into this. I feel like I shouldn’t perpetuate this, given the vast range of ages this forum has.

Don’t try it on the streets, either! To anyone easily influenced here:

I’ll be honest, I’ve spent most of my life running from myself in one way or another. Trying to find an escape in substances isn’t something I’d suggest, trust me when I say it’s fun until it’s not. It has taken it’s toll on both my body and brain. At the very least, wait until your brain and body are fully developed. Seek support from your friends and family, even professionally if you’re in need or pain.

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It was the Conky!

The LSD Conky attacked me in 2014, forcing me to run Manjaro! :rofl: