1.Does system update upgrade to latest version as well?

Hi- I couldnt find an answer for this. When I run system update will it fully upgrade my Garuda Linux to latest version or does it just update the current version?

Using Drgonfied Gaming Garuda Linux Harpy Eagle

It updates all the packages currently available in your system to the latest version (current version in the respective repositories).
What it is not supposed to do, is to install new packages which might have been added in a recent release, unless this was willingly forced by configurations.
The typical example is when, with a certain release, we switched from Timeshift to Snapper: the update wouldn't have made the "switch", since new packages should be a decision of the user (maybe many users were happy with Timeshift at that time).
So, the best way to make this decision is to read the release announcements and act accordingly (e.g. installing new packages).


Thank you for the answer that helps me.

How does one go about upgrading to the latest release then? My other versions of linux I used had an upgrade button that popped up when a new release came out. Does Garuda do this as well?

Its not a huge deal as my system is working pretty well and no issues I really see, so its more about my education learning this system.

This is normally not needed in a rolling release distribution since the "gap" between the updated system and a new "release" is really minimal.
There is an interesting suggestion I gave in the past a few times.
It should work, I also used it myself a couple of times (more out of curiosity and to test somehow what I was suggesting :blush:), but this is nothing official (a nice hint anyway, in my opinion):


I think you are not clear on a rolling release, Garuda is a rolling release no end cycle meaning if you installed it 3 years ago its already using the latest packages, If you want the latest features you have 2 choices install them or reinstall its that simple i suggest the 1 option

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You should update on a regular basis. Besides missing out on important security updates and package changes, you may run the risk of big enough Arch or Garuda changes that there may not be very elegantly ways of handling them. User-intervention may be required and you clearly aren't yet up to that task.

Rolling-release models are meant to be kept updated on a regular (daily, semi-weekly, weekly) basis. Those other distributions were not rolling-releases, and they handle updates/upgrades in a totally different manner. Those we call fixed releases and that is the model they use.

You would benefit greatly by learning more about Linux terminology. It is the key to everything. Read every thing you can about Linux, and when you come across a term that you are not quite sure of, try seeking a better understanding here, the Arch Wiki. Many of us consider it the Linux "bible."

When you run into Garuda-specific questions, the Garuda Start page should be your first consideration, this forum, and Google. We owe a debt of gratitude to whoever was responsible for the Garuda Start site. It has links to everything-Garuda (and many more).

I often compare Garuda to a well-tuned, high-octane, high-powered sports car, or a finely bred race horse. It is made to be that way. It wants to be that way. And nobody starts out being a race car driver or thoroughbred horse racer doing very well without first paying the price of learning to do so.

You can do that with Garuda, but you need to become self-supporting. Nobody here will hold your hand or do your homework for you. We want you to earn the pride of doing so yourself.



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