Zsync downloader for window is not working

**when i try to download iso file of garuda linux it just installing and then it became idle .i donot know why this is happening **
1- clicked download button
2= idle
3= extract file of exe
4= iso part

What do you mean by this the app will only download the ISO nothing else

but the iso is not present its in part only

i have a video how it start process of downloading and then it comes to idle and stop

Please share.

I haven't been using windows lately but there should be some log files maybe in garuda downloader folder ot temp directory or appdata you need to do some tinkering to find them if you do it would do wonders in fixing your issue.

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A .part file means it is a partial or just initiated download.

Can you download this file?
If yes, please try to use garuda-downloader again. That should basically be the only thing that can fail here.


If you aren't able to download the file try changing your DNS servers to google or

yes this file i am able to download
but in linux the zsync is working good but in window exe it not workig i think it an issue in my pc

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