Yet another happy user

Hello there, and thanks for the great distro(s)!
I've been using Garuda Sway since last December and I'm very happy I found it.
Pretty much love at first sight, for Garuda and Arch in general.

About me... owner of crappy hardware, former software developer but that was long ago and quite boring stuff on DOS and Windows, user of Linux since a long time, hobbyist coder and all round tinkerer though not really a good one, been away from computers for a long while until last year or so when I adopted a homeless iMac and cleaned the junk from my laptop heatsink.
The username is an anagram of username. Perhaps it also tells something about me.
I try to write good English (when I'm not in a hurry) but it's not my language, the result is sometimes funny and occasionally disastrous. The "I do not think it means what you think it means" effect. Like when I try to code in C, correct enough to compile but wrong enough to crash.

Back to Garuda, first impressions in chronological order:
Wait, what, where are all the filesystems I used to know? Who is btrfs? Oh well, let's see.
Hey, this thing runs smoothly on my old laptop, interesting.
It even looks pretty, yeah. My eyes are grateful for the dark theme.
"Did you overbuy" LOL.
Ah, COW, snapshots, subvolumes sharing available space, compression, now I get it.
And pacman, the aur, pkgbuild. Magic.
Distro hopping payed back after all. Yes I'll keep this one, let's read something more about it.
The Arch Linux wiki! Now that's how documentation is supposed to be! (don't worry, I'm not going to ask questions on their forum).

So here I am.
inxi will soon follow, and some hopefully not too silly posts.
Again, don't worry, I'm no help vampire, just somewhat obsolete and clueless.


You da man. :+1:


You're in good company. :laughing:

Welcome. :wave:


Yeah, when I was trying out Linux I installed Garuda, Manjaro, Ubuntu, Fedora and configured them all.. Then one day I stopped booting into other distros and just stayed booted to Garuda. Manjaro is a close second for me, but I've found the Arch documentation is just so damn nice. The Arch processes and documentation just feel well thought out and maintained.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, everybody tries to be a comedian.

I get that. Should we be scared?

Ah, come on, now. You already promised threatened to be a comedian, right?

I don't believe that. I think you're a brilliant 9-year old hacker wannabe, who thinks it would scare us if we knew. Don't worry, we have a couple of you here already. And, yes, you all do worry us greatly. @meanruse, meet @Austin. :rofl:

But you mentioned the Arch Wiki, so we'll let you stay.

We welcome you.