Xfce preferred applications

Is there any way to set preferred applications for more than just the standard four in Xfce? There are only two tabs in with two changeable options each and none of them contain preferred text editor nor preferred image viewer/editor.

Is it possible to expand the categories using plugins or something similar?

A quick search gave this
The XFCE Mime Type Editor is probably what you want to be looking at :thinking:


Thanks. I guess I really need to start googling instead of littering up the forum :roll_eyes:


That is very wise of you. :slight_smile:

If no manual or the man pages don't help, just ask here if you can't think of a search term for Duck-Duck-Go.
In any case you should avoid the impression that you have not tried it yourself. :wink:
Help vampires are quickly ignored.


Alright, I just read what "help vampirism" is. Not flattering, so I'll do my very best to avoid becoming one :sweat: :sweat:


Just a little appendix, so that people don't think that I'm around here just to "bum" help out of ppl: I post here often because I like the community and the advice I get is always spot-on :raised_hands:


Many people do the same thing to feel like they're part of the community discussions. There's nothing wrong with that to a point. However, many frivolous help requests tend to give you a bad reputation, as people tire of seeing request after request from the same person.

A better way to participate in the community is to simply post topics in the community sub-forum section that others might be interested in learning about or want to discuss. This can be anything of interest really, but of course Linux topics are more often brought up there.

You can post most anything that interests you there. People often discuss their favorite movies, music, software, programing languages, news items (Linux related is nice), on and on. The only things you want to steer clear of are topics that often create controversy such as:

Topics that are prone to flame wars (best DE for example).
Sports, race, religion, politics, sexual discussions etc etc (I think we all know what's uncool nowadays).
Anything illegal, such as hate speech, promoting violence, or software/movie piracy.
Yada yada yada, I think you get the drift.

Most topics are cool unless they are stepping over those lines. Simply keep it tasteful (and avoid foul language) and your contributions will always be appreciated.

It's nice to see you wanting to participate on the forum, that's what builds a great community. No one is trying to say "You post too much" what they are trying to say is make more posts that stimulate conversation rather than just "Hey, how do I do this". Everyone enjoys seeing you want to be part of the community, simply funnel your enthusiasm for the forum into posts other than just help requests.

It's nice to see you here. I hope our not so subtle references to help vampirism didn't offend you too much. We want people to participate on the forum, but we also like to read stuff other than just help requests.

Nice to see you here, please come on in and stay for a while. The more there merrier.


As always, @tbg can describe what I wanted to say much better. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Wie immer kann @tbg viel besser beschreiben was ich auch sagen wollte. :slight_smile:



Eloquently put, @tbg.

I'm not an easily offended person, fortunately. I always prefer people being direct and honest with me, as that is what helps me better myself :blush:

No, I know that. Which is probably why I'm always around here "busting people's balls" - sometimes I'm a bit too enthusiastic and, when I get like that, I can tend to become "a bit too much". Which is why I prefer that people make me aware of it; heck, you can even tell me to straight up f*** off - that's how little solemn I am :joy: