Wrong older Compiz version suddenly in repo

Since I use compiz with KDE this I think is the best place to notify the team.

For quite awhile now I have successfully been using Compiz with KDE plasma which i installed from the chaotic-aur. With the last update I did yesterday 27-12-2021 I noticed that it downgraded compiz to an older version which as I found when I started up my computer today does not work. I rolled back the update with timeshift and everything works again. But the faulty not working version is still in the repo. I think that the person maintaining the package probably made a mistake and uploaded the old version. But whatever... what was whole is now broken. I hope you can fix this.

If the version mismatch in the AUR is true, this can be fixed only by the relevant package maintainer, not by the Garuda team.
So you should contact this robson-66.
We have control only over the chaotic-aur repository.
Maybe we can avoid to have the new version to be build there. I don't know. I leave this to those who can help you better. :blush:

Edit: Out of curiosity, I checked the upstream site, and the new version seems to be correct.
So I don't think the AUR maintainer did anything wrong.
This should be reported upstream as a possibile regression.


It is not an AUR package, it is a chaotic.aur package. And I always thought the chaotic.aur was a garuda repo. I use octopi and it always shows me the community and chaotic aur packages where as for the AUR I have to have yay installed, press the alien head, and do a separate search.
Anyway the chaotic aur package is now (as far as I can gather since 27-12-2021 12:40:00) Compiz-git Before that it was Compiz-git which is according to octopi a newer package.
I don't know who changed it and why but Compiz-git On my desktop PC as well as on my laptop it fails to start or immediately crashes and I can't start it from the terminal either.
I have time shifted both comps to around 27-12-2021 12:37:00 so everything works again. It's just that I haven't figured out yet how to exclude the compiz package from the update so the rest can be updated.
I also don't know how to get hold of the person maintaining the package.

sudo pacman -Syu --ignore compiz-git
Every time you update or add
In the [options] section of /etc/pacman.conf


As to how to proceed for the bug...
Garuda only use chaotic-aur to provide binary versions of the same AUR packages, for the ease of users avoiding compilation, direct or with helpers. No more than that.
Maybe you could try paru compiz-git to do it yourself, but I don't expect any difference.
For the AUR package, I'm not that expert, I just can see that the new version seems consistent with the latest version upstream, but I'm not able to say if anything else might be wrong in the package. You should register and enter a comment or report a bug.
For the upstream site much the same: you should register and report a bug or ask a question...


Well I'm it's maintainer, so here we go. Our build tools do build git packages whenever an update happened -> it's pkgver changes - which it did in this case although it looks like the commit hash changed only, not the actual revision. I guess Octopi thinks it's a newer version because the commit hash begins with g8 vs g10 :eyes:
Either way, since only the newest commit gets build by the toolbox I don't think this is the right place to report this (as pointed out already). Either the AUR maintainer needs to provide a fix, or upstream has to fix it.