Wireless USB Adapter won't run after latest update

I have a USB wireless adapter based on the RTL8814AU chipset. and now it won't run after the lastest update. Anyone know a fix? , fallback images failed :thinking:

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Using an AUR package for the driver?

$ yay -Ss RTL8814AU
aur/rtl8814au-aircrack-dkms-git r82.30626ff-1 (+4 1.94) 
    Aircrack-ng kernel module for Realtek (USB adapters only) network cards with 8814au chipset
aur/rtl8814au-dkms-git 4.3.21.r34.ga0c4479-2 (+16 0.00) 
    RTL8814AU and RTL8813AU chipset driver with firmware v4.3.21

If so, rebuild the AUR package.

This one was running flawlessy till an update went through. It's available in the ADD REMOVE AUR.

Which update? An update to the driver (in which case it's an issue with the driver) or an update to a kernel (in which case the driver probably needs reinstalling) ?

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Kernel but reinstall isn't working. Really need to figure this out PC is upstairs can't run cable.

Use the snapshot function, roll back, and get working network:

Then you can diagnose further from that point.

You're also going to have to provide far more detail - "it doesn't work", "isn't working" etc. don't help, so look for log files or journal entries to provide some "actionable intelligence".

Read the Arch wiki for information about where to find logs and how to access the journal. Also have a read of:

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This often happens with realtek drivers on the newest kernel updates. If rebuilding the driver doesn't fix things then install the linux-lts kernel (and headers). Use USB Android phone tethering for a temporary internet connection if you don't have Ethernet available.

After installing the linux-lts kernel (and headers) reboot into the LTS kernel, and hopefully your wifi will be working again. This is pretty common, simply test the newer kernels every few weeks to see if the driver has been updated to work on the newer kernels (then you can return to a newer kernel).