Wine-wayland and resolutions

Hi I am currently running garuda sway and I was wondering is there any way to add custom resolutions? by that I am not refering to for example running a 4k monitor at 1080p but to add the resolutions kind of like on windows where you would go to the graphics panel and add a custom lower resolution. The reason for me asking is because I have a 1366x768 screen and when I try to play any game with wine-wayland (not the collabora one, the other that only supports vulkan) the game only detects my maximum resolution and beyond, yes not lower but higher resolutions that it can output (1600x900,1706x960,1920x1080,1920x1200 and many others up to 3840x2160) I can render the game at a lower resolution with WINE_VK_WAYLAND_HEIGHT and WINE_VK_WAYLAND_WIDTH but it does not scales it up and accordingly to the github page wine-wayland supports FSR so I need the game to scale up, anyone has make it work?