Windows Boot Option Gone From Bootloader

Up until just a few hours ago, whenever I started up my laptop, I got the bootloader screen for Linux Zen. There, I saw the options: "Garuda", "Advanced Options for Garuda", "Windows...", "GRUB CLI", and so on. However, for some reason, now the "Windows" option has been replaced by "Garuda Linux snapshots". What happened? Is there a way to add "Windows" back to the bootloader? For the record, my ability to boot into Windows hasn't been affected at all. It's just that now I have to manually enter BIOS and change the boot order to switch between OS. It's just an extra step, and more of a matter of convenience than anything at this point, but I was wondering why this happened.


We don't know. What did you change in the meantime?

Probably. Try re-generating the GRUB menu, e.g. sudo update-grub or sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg)


That worked. Thank you!

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