Will updating my system break it?


I just got a notification that the recent update is breaking the system!

I updated my system before reading the notification, but it still works fine! It said "testing only" however! Should I be worried, or is this for garuda tester??!

Also, with the recent update I see that the Garuda logo before booting to the lockscreen has changed (looks great by the way)!

So from this, i understand that updating the system will make UI changes!
Now i wish to tweak the Lockscreen and customize the Grub appearance following these videos:

If i make these changes, will that break the system in a future update?



grub2 is fine, i use it and it didn't break when i update to the latest version.
also, grub customizer doesn't work with garuda.


It is fixed.

KDE uses SDDM. So search for SDDM Tutorials. If you are using other DE, use that DE specific tutorial.

You should visit gnome-looks or KDE-looks to get grub themes. Don't use grub-customizer.

Most probably, no.


No, it doesn't break anything, at least not in my system.

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