Wifi not working when I wake it up from Sleep mode

when i put my Garuda Dragonized KDE to sleep mode and when i wake it up, wifi stops working there comes some ethernet symbol and comes no connections available there and this error occurs everytime, I losted all my important company work today Please help I need to put my linux to sleep every now and then and i cannot afford this please help

My pc - ASUS A15 Gaming laptop -- Ram 8gb

This is not a Garuda issue. It is a hardware incompatability between your model of laptop and your kernel and/or bios version in use. If you search your laptop model on the forum you may find this issue has been dealt with by myself already on the forum. It pays to search thoroughly before opening any thread for assistence.

I probably have over a hundred preexisting posts on the internet dealing with this exact type of issue.

The fix is to either:

Install and and test many different kernels.

Update your bios if not current.

Use a grub kernel boot parameter to alter your power states.

Change your power state settings in your bios.

If all those methods fail this problem is usually able to be worked around by creating a "systemd wifi suspend service". If you search the interwebs using those quoted terms you will probably find dozens of my prior posts detailing with this method posted online.


You have provided no detailed hardware specifications. If you ever desire detailed helpful responses to questions of a technical nature, you must provide detailed information. Lack of specifics when you request help will result in a lack of specifics in the responses to your plea for help. You can't have one without the other.

Please read the Garuda Wiki and provide your hardware and system specs via the inxi command. This is detailed in the wiki article "reporting bugs". If you cannot follow the directions contained on the Wiki for reporting your inxi command output I will not respond further on this thread. It is simply too frustrating to attempt to help users who cannot follow carefully detailed instructions that we have gone to the effort of preparing in advance. Learn how to help yourself if you expect help from others. Read the Wiki please.

Welcome to Garuda.


I'm sorry you had to learn the hard way.
I had a similar experience once and since then Ctrl + S has become second nature to me.
I also use the automatic save function of the programmes whenever possible. After larger projects, but at least once a day, I use rsync to back up my data to two other hard drives. So I have everything in triplicate.
I am very lazy, I hate having to do things twice. :smiley:




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