Wifi not showing


I am new to garuda and arch too, before switching to garuda linux had used kali linux and ubuntu.
The installation was not that complicated with some errors i successfully installed the garuda os but during installation too it showed me no network connected i searched but did not see any way to connect to the wireless network.
Ignoring the warning message i installed the os and now i am stuck without any network. what can i do i tried many solution and reading the forums but the problem is still the same it doesnot show the wifi icon on the tob right cornor. i don't know what information should i give here. The physical card (Wireless card) is shown in the network assistant. But there are no any drivers listed. And i tried installing the windows driver using the network assistant, but still the same problem.

Thanks for reading,
Any help will be appriciated.

Hi there, welcome!
You did't read the new topic template requiring you to include in the post your specs with the garuda-inxi command. Anyway, if your system is still not updated (e.g. using ehernet or mobile phone tethering connection) you have to use inxi -Faz (the former is a recent evolution of the latter).
Please add that information to your post, and possibly include also further details on what you already tried (so that we will not look for those same possible troubleshooting steps).


As you have not responded to @filo's request to post your system specs I am moving your help request off the main forum where legitimate networking help requests belong. Edit your opening post to include the results of the command garuda-inxi and your post will be returned to the main forum. Please do not open a networking help request in the future without including your system specs or your thread will automatically be binned.

This is clearly stated in the header for this sub-fora: