Widgets Will Not Stay Put!

Hello everyone, maybe someone can help me out with this or maybe it is a bug that needs attention.

Hardware is a laptop and a laptop dock with multiple screens attached.

My problem is, when I remove my laptop off the dock, or put the laptop back on the dock, my widgets move to random places on either the laptop screen, off dock, or my main screen when on dock. Any ideas? Thanks!

It is rather annoying to have to keep moving my widgets back to their intended place when I take laptop off or put laptop on dock.

I believe it's because your screen resolution changes and leaving the widgets off screen wasn't considered a good idea.

Any fix or is this a bug?

It is not a bug...it is expected behavior.
If you want it the way you see it working, then set the same resolution on laptop as external monitor. I believe that will do the trick.

They are the same resolution.

I think this is probably a solvable bug, that's my guess.

In that case, then yes, they probably should stay in place. I don't actually have a working laptop at moment (and never a docking station at home), so...anyone?

This is a very mild example but you can see how it should be and then what happens, this is just from locking the screen and logging back in again. So it is happening under other conditions as well not just when taking or adding different screens.

here is a more extreme example

Sorry file was too big

Sorry I was sending the wrong images, the images i wanted to upload were too big.

But I am sure you get it! LOL

If you are decent at programming (some JavaScript and Bash), there seems to be a way to write a script that moves Plasma widgets to certain coordinates, so you could write a script that does that after they get messed up.

I do not (yet) know how to do this, but I found the documentation:


I think everything you need is written there, but some experimentation is required to get it to work. Make a timeshift snapshot in case you mess up your desktop, so that you do not have to reconfigure it every time.


If your scripting skills are not so good then I'd just go the scotch tape route to prevent them moving around. I can remember this issue always happening on Windows as all the desktop icons would get jumbled after careful arrangement. Not sure if they ever fixed that or not. I fixed it myself by going the sledgehammer route on Windows. Life is much better now that my hardware has been defenestrated. :rofl:


I just tried scotch tape, turns out these widgets are just on the other side of this glass, crazy!

But seriously, is there nothing that can be done on the development side?

Opinion (worth nothing): Given your use case, it would make sense if it were fixed, but maybe it's not possible?

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