Why no Garuda_old in neofetch?

I'm using garuda as my main distro both on my home pc and laptop. Laptop is brand new so I just finished setting all up and I noticed that for some reasons on my pc I had the eagle-head shaped ascii art while on my laptop I have the new logo. But I couldn't find any differences in the 2 pkgs, /etc/os-release was the same and nothing changed fiddling with it. But I wanted the eagle on both!
So I read the man and saw that apparently neofetch only offers so many choices as regards the art it can display and that it only has one entry for "Garuda" while other distro have more variants.

So, my first question is: what other ways to have the eagle shown other than backup the old /bin/neofetch or mod it manually?

And the second is: why not both? What can be done to embed a Garuda_old with the eagle-head in the main neofetch pkg?

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neofetch vs neofetch-git packages I assume? One version was the old logo we had before it was replaced with the other one. The actual neofetch package however wasn't updated for some time afaik.


There you go. I ran a --version on both and they both were 7.1.0 but I didn't remember about the double version. Btw, why on one distro I have the chaotic pkg and in the other the community one? Did I do that? :sweat_smile:

Also, I marked the thread 'solved' but I'd still like to know where I could have eventually found the eagle-head if it were truly removed from (both) the repos. From the manual I can see there is a way to specify a --source path but where shell it point to? And why fiddling with the /etc/os-release file did nothing? v0v

Search in the forum, there are several threads that might be useful.
In general:

For your specific logo:

Maybe also:

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We changed to the -git version at one point as no new tag was getting released in order to have the new logo available. That's also why both packages seem to be the same version.
That being said, we transitioned to fastfetch not too long ago (haven't had a release since then) as it reached a mature state. It has the advantage of printing stuff instantly since its coded in C and active development happens as well.


I'll try to tweak fastfetch to display the eagle but... no man page yo! :-1:

I saw the topic about modding the G-logo but I missed the one pointing at the eagle ascii file and how to generate it. Much appreciated.

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