Why is latte-dock-git by default when latte-dock is available in the official repository?

Why so? Is there a version difference? In Pamac it shows different sizes of them both.

I believe this is because the git version has more customization features than latte-dock

The regular latte-dock misses some functions such as using it as taskbar :slight_smile:

  1. It's a great choice; +1 for Garuda here.
    The git version has better options (for example, having it slightly off the edge of the screen, slightly rounded corners, better OSD on launch, also the 'on demand' bar is totally awesome for stuff I don't wanna see all the time - bound to a shortcut/mouse gesture to hide/show it at will.

  2. I had serious problems with the standard latte-dock which went away with the git version.

  3. This is not a serious issue if you don't like it. Simply installing 'latte-dock' can switch you back - I'd advise playing with git first, also rename .confg/latte to latte-bak first for a clean game.

Feel free to try them both, but git is better. Try putting a dock with stuff to be called up, then put 'on demand' widget on your main 'systray' and that suits better for stuff than auto dodging etc. (I keep color picker, radio, fuzzy clock, pagers and plasma saver on mine).