Why does Iso files get corrupted sometimes

I know iso(s) can sometimes get corrupted due to bad usb and stuff but today when I was transferring a pop os iso over to my usb before installing it , I was on Garuda .

The first time I copied , it showed copied one file to ventoy . I restarted and booted to it , only to find the iso was corrupted. I booted back into Garuda and copied it once again . This time I gave it a bit more time at last after showing done prolly a few more secs , and it had copied properly.

What could have caused it ?

I believe that instantly powering off the computer after the copying was showed as done , very instantly to be precise and not waiting a few seconds could have caused some corruption of data .

Any thoughts ?

Go ask the people over at Pop OS.

I think you have to flush the toilet first. :innocent:


I would expect you aren’t waiting long enough.

You might want to check your logs for entries with USB or I/O errors.


I think this might be attributed to not waiting enough indeed. I lost backups I transferred to a thumb drive once because the transaction hadn’t finished yet. Since this incident, I always run sync before unplugging things. Lessons were learned.

Good one :wink:


Remove safely never failed for me in file browser.


Also try other ways to write: I usually use gnome-disks or fedora-media-writer (I especially like this one because it’s available for Linux, Mac and Windows so you can always suggest it and contrary to the name you can actually write any iso, not just fedora).

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Ya know, if you’re gonna run KDE, why not use KDE’s own KDE Imagewriter?

Simple, sane, syncs. What else can I say? :wink:

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Very true sir ! But I need to boot multiple iso(s) sometimes at times and I am really short on time usually.

But thanks for the suggestion sir ! I appreciate it !


I don’t know ANYBODY that can boot more than ONE ISO at ONE time. Now, if you are saying you need something like Ventoy so you can have more than one bootable ISO on your USB device, that I can understand; I do the same. :smiley:

It’s just a matter of translation; yours sucks.

But your impatience is the root of the problem, so the solution should be pretty obvious.

I thought you were going to go to Pop_OS, anyway. What happened to that? :wink:


Ah yes sir ! My impatience definitely put me through some issues , I fixed it nvm.

Sorry ! Sometimes you know I type quite fast and forget to rephrase and fix my sentences.

Well I got onto pop os , but the de did not appeal me .
So I installed manjaro kde , but ya know I still love Garuda , so I am downloading the iso rn and try to see if the issues occur , I will try to install least no. of unnecessary packages from setup assistant.

I have a feeling that droidcam was causing these config issues and audio input stuff , might even have messed up wine’s config as well .

Your suggestions on this matter are welcome sir

Let’s see what happens !


Don’t sign your posts — every post has your profile information attached to it.

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Extremely sorry sir ! I would be sure to not sign my posts again and will be extremely considerate as well .

Please rest assured that I won’t do anything as such again.

I hope you have a nice day ahead sir !

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When did I ever start liking annoying people? Today, I guess. :slight_smile:

How old are you, @LolFlasherNoobX? May I ask?

Any annoying behaviour is certainly not to be welcomed.
May I ask what you find annoying sir ? It would be a great help to improve myself!

Age you ask ? 13 I guess

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I quite like Pop actually. It’s a very well put together distro, and because they support it so well on their own hardware and their focus is enterprise, their need for things to “just work” is high.

I just like gnome better.

Actually, in 2023 we’re so spoiled for distros. It’s not like 10-15 years ago when there was like 9 options and you went with the only one that seemed to work on your computer :joy:


That explains everything. I suspected as much. Of my five grandsons, only one is younger than you. But that’s OK. :smiley:

Your persistence…and your eagerness. Especially your eagerness. I’m an old man–71–and the eagerness of youth makes me feel…jealous…envious? I’m not really sure. Maybe even a little bit happy–it makes me smile–and those get further and further apart. There is not one old man in this whole darn world who doesn’t wish they were your age again. Not you–they don’t necessarily envy you–just your youth. They feel the press of time on their backs. I suspect that’s the way it is meant to be. :slight_smile:

I remember 13. Not a boy yet not a man. I remember it! :slight_smile:

Your persistence doesn’t really annoy me. It takes persistence to get down into the nitty-gritty of Linux and see it for what it really is–a human-made miracle. You’re going to need that persistence. :slight_smile:

I’ll make you a deal, if you want. Ask me any general questions you want, Linux or otherwise, in private message. I’ll do my best to give you my honest answers and promise not to bullshit you. I’m pretty dumb about stuff that isn’t Arch, Arch-based, or Linux-in-general. But ask me anything in private message. I’ve had plenty of people help me, so it’s only fair. :slight_smile:

You are nomenclature-challenged at the moment, but stick around and that will soon change.


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