Why do python-pyxdg and python-xdg conflict?

Continuing the discussion from Can't install NVIDIA drivers because "python-pyxdg and python-xdg are in conflict":

$ yay -Ss python xdg
aur/python-xdg 5.0.1-2 (+0 0.00) 
    Variables defined by the XDG Base Directory Specification
extra/python-pyxdg 0.26-8 (75.7 KiB 390.6 KiB)
    Python library to access freedesktop.org standards

My question is, which package is bringing in python-xdg, and why is it using that instead of the repo package?

This conflict shouldn't be happening.




I wonder whether purging python-xdg and any packages that depend on it from ChaoticAUR would be a good idea - that way packages in the default repositories can't conflict, and it takes specific actions on the part of users to create a situation where conflicts occur.



My own and two new I know, and each have other dependencies.
And python-xdg was not installed on my system (last KDE's I installed).

This reminds/points to the other situation with the plasma git packages, requested from a new installation update.

I feel it may have to do with repo existence/updated-timestamp.
Is it that when a package provides an alternate and the original is not found, then draws the alternate (which offers a newer version)??
IDK if this a possible scenario...



I wrote
python-pyxdg is not installed but in conflict?

python make me crazy :smiley:


AUR (en) - python-xdg there are quite some packages requiring that, in the case of the thread it was oversteer. This can be easily removed I guess, but what about other stuff? (eg menulibre, ulauncher)

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I still have not found out why that happened! Crazy!

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In theory, python-pyxdg provides python-xdg so it should still work. Not sure how it works in practice though.


nvm. We can patch the oversteer PKGBUILD maybe?
This is confusing, if it provides python-xdg there should be no issue as you said already :thinking:

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ectospasm commented on 2021-01-07 03:17

I worked around my problem. I had another AUR package (goobook), which depends on the AUR package python-xdg. python-xdg conflicts with the Community (non-AUR) package python-pyxdg. python-xdg and python-pyxdg install to the same path if installed via pacman (or AUR PKGBUILD), so installing one means you have to uninstall the other, and any Python package depending on the other will be broken.

I was able to work around the conflict by using a Python venv for python-xdg.
See how exactly I fixed it:


But they have different version schemes, the AUR package has greater version number.

Maybe you should remove the AUR package from Chaotic repos.


Its gone already :smiley:


Do you mind if I do a little necrobumping? In fact, I already reopened, shamelessly. :slight_smile:
I feel like the above has happened again.

By the way, I see python-xdg is in Chaotic-AUR. From this thread I thought it had been deleted.
It's all good, and as usual I didn't get it right?


Yeah, seems like it slipped through. Going to remove it asap :face_with_monocle: good thing you noticed! :slight_smile: