Whoogle down for months

Hi there :slight_smile:

This is what the "Garuda Woogle" search option shows me since couple of months now.

It is still listed as an option here:

It seems to be an issue for at least a year now. I have never (!) been able at all to ever get any search result from that instance.

I use http://localhost:5000 , install whoogle or whoogle-git.


I just found, that there is https://search.dr460nf1r3.org

Seems to work, do we want to change it?
It makes a good impression, if the recommended search option does work. :slight_smile:


I've been wanting to implement some kind of load balancing between instances so less requests would come from each individual one.. haven't got to it yet :sweat_smile:


Ooh I like that customized theme--I wasn't even aware that was possible!


I'm going to have to play with this for our home instance:


Thank you

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Quite annoying indeed, and sometimes even the farside whoogle link "fails" (sends me to https://farside.link/ , not to an instance). Likely, it happens when all the known ones are ratelimited.
Sadly, any instance issuing "too many" (for google's taste) queries gets ratelimited.
At the time of this writing, farside lists only three active whoogle instances.
The extension LibRedirect knows more of them, I haven't checked if they all work.
#edit: it gets them straight from whoogle-search#public-instances, while farside filters out the ratelimited and cloudflare ones.
@dr460nf1r3 Load balancing would be the thing.
#edit: easy way: farside as search engine and let it take care of that.
A generic "search" service would be nice to have.
Maybe a list of known good instances could be offered in the browser search engine options?
I don't know how to do it automatically and keep the list up to date though.

P.S. off-topic
One of the first things I did was adding two search keywords I find very useful: Arch wiki and bbs.
I don't let my laziness stop me from searching in the right place LOL.

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It is now added to the global dark list, so DarkReader doesnt alter it anymore.


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