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whenever I turn on my system, at the booting screen where I have to enter my Garuda password and where I see the options to switch the user, I see a user with the name "Postgres", I never created any user with that name. And even in the user settings, I don't see that user, I only see that on the booting screen. Why am I seeing that and how can I remove it?

postgres is a database platform. Likely some application on your system needed it is a dependency.

You can check with pactree -r postgres

The strange thing is that the user is showing up in your login screen.


Postgress Is a relational DBMS.
So most likely in the past you installed and application using it, and the application created a user for administrative use of postgress.

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I don't want it as a user, how can I remove it?

If you remove it, you will break whatever needs it.

Can we see the output of cat /etc/passwd | grep postgres and pactree -r postgres

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Screenshot_- : bash_1

Uhh...that looks manually created. Did you create a user named postgres somehow?

What were doing before that user appeared?

Noo I never created that user., why would I ask if I had created

You can remove it with

sudo userdel -r postgres

If you are sure you don't need it.


when I did
sudo userdel -r postgres
the output is :

userdel: postgres mail spool (/var/spool/mail/postgres) not found
userdel: postgres home directory (/home/postgres) not found

why is it saying 'not found', I just saw it

sudo userdel postgres

It just means those directories weren't found.

It should have worked, those are just informational.

If you reboot, that user should be gone.

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the output is :
userdel: user 'postgres' does not exist

should I reboot the system and check again if it is showing or not ?

That is because you already removed it.


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Sure, it's done, deleted.

I rebooted my system and its gone,, Thanks @filo @dalto

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