While Installing Garuda Linux in my PC, It stuck at 8% Progress

I have tried a lot of time to install it but i failed. I have a bootable usb i made by using Rufus. Everything done perfect. But at the Installation process it stuck.
Please help me to install it.

My PC Specs are

Core i7 3rd Generation
6GB Ram
128 SSD

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Check sha sum and use etcher or ventoy or dd.
Use free driver



Agreed I had this exact problem. I burned to USB with dd like I did 100 times before. Some reason it got stuck. I ended up installing etcher and the USB worked fine. The a few months later i used dd again and it worked fine. I don't waste time investigating 1 off issues. Be careful with dd, it has the nick name Disk Destroyer for a reason. Etcher is super easy and works great.

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