While i use any type of screen recording software the out put is glitching

Am facing this new error while i use simplescreenrecorder software / obs / any type of screen recording software the out put is glitching. screen record is flickering.

And inxi -Faz is missing...
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Try a lighter edition, like Cinnamon / Gnome / Xfce etc.


There are cases where this happens in Intel iGPUs, but to know we would need inxi :man_shrugging:t2:


the thing is am using black arch edition more than a 3 months never had this issue in a recent update is what this is started i did not notice which update was it.

You were asked by 2 separate moderators to provide your inxi -Faz output. If you wish to receive technical assistance on our forum this output must be provided.

Edit your opening post (OP) and add the required output. When you have done so you may then receive assistance. However, it should be understand that the BlackArch edition is intended for advanced users that are capable of rectifying their own issues.

Also, search is your friend:

screen recorder not working