Which version should i use My own opionion and testing

hello only testet game version sooo i'm not a gamer so i can't descide only i can say there are several probs with the full bloated version first thing the integration of a not near documentet background info system that is also in the terminal and can't set the clock to 24h cause i'm german but that doesn't matter
first i thin wow that a nice system but i'm a perfectionist and i want it perfect and no problem to change very difficult settings but when it not goes and there are to many thinks that sucks i'm must chance

i'm now installt the dragon edition and i must say its soooo good okay you have to do more settings in the layout but everything i wanted is functioning

in the installing there where probs by first time setup from start menü but i'm retry it and now itz ready

don't forget to restart you can change live a kernel and settings and so but after a restart you don't see the real and everything

for me itz the dragon edition but itz your choise
prove it on your own

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