Which install for a multi boot system?

Hi, just a quick question.

I will install Garuda on a separate ssd to my existing windows.

In the boot options there are 3 choices, USB: USB. UEFI: USB UEFI: USB, Partition. if i want to be able to set Garuda as the default boot on load but with the option on the Boot screen to choose Windows instead which of these is the correct install ?

OR is this defined during the setup process on the window when choosing Delete Drive, Swap file as there is a drop down box at the bottom for setting up Boot ? (Master Boor Record of ..... Do Not Install a Boot Loader ....=

Many Thanks

What boot options? Where? Your machine's BIOS? I am unfamiliar with what and where they are.

Be aware that Garuda's official position is that it does not support dual-booting. So it's up to the good graces of regular users if they wish to provide you with help in that regard.

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after adding the the ISO to the usb stick and then looking at the options via Boot Menu F11 ( on my motherboard) there are 3 options available

UEFI: USB, Partition.

Use whatever option successfully boots the ISO.

I guess.


Try all with UEFI :slight_smile:

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Ok. thanks Will Do. :slight_smile:

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