Where to download Dr460nized theme?

Currently running Ultimate. Looking to try the Dr460nized theme but not sure where to find it. Wasn't available on the New Global Theme search or the Garuda settings.


In KDE System Settings you can download the Global Theme Sweetified Plasma.

Don't know how to make exactly like dr460nized, but here what my system uses...

Global Theme -> Sweetified Plasma
Plasma Style -> Sweet
Application Style -> kvantum-dark
Window Decorations -> Sweet-dark-transparent
Colors -> Sweet
Icons -> BeautyLine
Cursor -> Sweet-cursors

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Wouldn't the Global Theme change all those at once (Icons, Style, Cursor, Deco...)?

Perfect. Thank you so much!

I'm not sure....but I think you have to change icons or cursor manually....

Good point, yes. Better to scan them all than just stick with Global Theme.