Where is top panell after remove latte? (KDE disable fullscreen)

Well i don't like Latte dock i uninstalled. But how to disable full screen for KDE Plasma? Now i can't close any apps, because top panell doesn't exist.
Where i can disable fullscreen?

Is this the regular KDE you running?
For dr460nized I know there is a plasmoid which removes window buttons on fullscreen. It might also be a Kwin script, check those too.

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Unfortunately, as someone who doesn't use Latte and had constantly to reinstall after uninstalling to solve these issues, I know what's the problem. You need to reinstall latte-dock-git, open the plasmoid's settings and uncheck the funcionality to remove top bars when maximized. I just don't remember which of Garuda's stock plasmoids it is.

Another thing you'll want to do while at it is opening latte dock's settings and unchecking "Pressing 'Meta' key to open application launcher", since it basically prevents you from doing so if you uninstall Latte Dock.


If you want a new panel, simply right click on desktop > add panel.

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This is correct, but workaround.
IIRC the respective setting is in $HOME/.config/kwinrc


Find the [Windows] section and add/change the value to false.


Thank you! :heart_eyes:

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pacman -Rns <package_name>

Should remove the configuration files as well, should it not @petsam.


pacman -R --help

If more people would use pacman for package management instead of the GUI, we'd probably have far fewer help requests on the forum. Pamac etc are convenient, but in no way as advanced and capable a package manager as pacman is.

If you want your system to run properly, you'd be best to learn pacman usage. GUI's are fine for most things, but package managent/upgrades isn't one function I trust to a GUI app (especially pamac).

IMO most GUI package managers are fit for package browsers, but not for reiable system package management. This is not being a terminal snob, this is because pamac is far inferior to pacman IMO. I love a good GUI app as much as the next person, but pamac is too basic to trust for complex operations IMO.

Just my opinion, feel free to use whatever floats your boat.


Yes and No.
System files are removed, but not user files.
But in this case, latte changes another utility config files (kWin) kwinrc, as this is the controller of the desired tweak (remove title-bar on maximized windows). This file, even it was (hypothetically) a system file, it would not be removed.

IIRC altering a different package/application configuration is not an acceptable method in Linux/Arch. There should be a snippet capability on the host app (kWin in this case), similarly to sddm settings for example.