Where can I find the package manager's to install them?

Where do I find em?

The package manager used with Garuda is pacman. (package manager. Not the hungry little video game character. :wink:)

The packages are located in the repositories. These are listed/configured in /etc/pacman.conf, which points to files with the actual URLs.

Now, searching those packages for what you want is… expansive.

The most basic method - where you’ll already have all you need installed - is using pacman:

pacman -Ss <keyword> – pacman Sync search

For example, pacman -Ss pamac will get you:

$ pacman -Ss pamac
chaotic-aur/libpamac-aur 11.6.2-1 [installed]
    Pamac package manager library based on libalpm
chaotic-aur/libpamac-nosnap 1:11.6.2-1
    Pamac package manager library based on libalpm. Without Snap support
chaotic-aur/pacui 1.14-1
    Bash script providing advanced Pacman and Yay/Pikaur/Aurman/Pakku/Trizen/Paru/Pacaur/Pamac-cli
    functionality in a simple UI
chaotic-aur/pamac-aur 11.6.0-3 [installed]
    A Gtk3 frontend, Package Manager based on libalpm with AUR and Appstream support
chaotic-aur/pamac-classic 7.3.0-2.5
    A Gtk3 frontend for libalpm - classic version
chaotic-aur/pamac-nosnap 11.6.0-2
    A Gtk3 frontend, Package Manager based on libalpm with AUR and Appstream support
chaotic-aur/pamac-tray-icon-plasma 0.1.3-3
    Pamac tray icon for plasma users

If you’d prefer a GUI way, I like pamac-aur. It provides a nice GTK front end that lets you search and read up on the packages in the repositories and the AUR. I do not recommend using it for updating the system, stick with garuda-update for that.



Catra likes Pamac, but I prefer Octopi, especially in KDE/Qt environments. Either way, they are both frontends to Pacman. :gobble: :gobble:

But potato, po-tah-to; pamac, octopi, what’s the difference. :person_shrugging:


I’m a Pacseek guy myself. :wink:


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