Where are snapper snapshots located?

I couldn't find where snapper snapshots were located. I just want to see how much space they use.

They're in the (hidden) .snapshots folder at the root of the snapshotted partition.
So the one you're after is probably /.snapshots
To view in Dolphin, "show hidden files".

However, can't just look at the size to tell how much space they're using because the files aren't actually duplicated/copied, only changes take up space.


They are in subvolume called .snapshots. There is one for each subvolume your are taking snapshots of.


It says 300 GB but as you said they don't take up that much space. I don't understand the logic behind this. Can you explain it?


Basically snapshots are pointing to existing data elements that are shared between the subvolumes/snapshots.

For example, let's say you have a subvolume called @monkey which is 100GB. If you take a snapshot of that subvolume and you look at the disk usage via conventional methods, it will appear as if there is now 200GB of data. However, the reality is that if the data at @monkey hasn't changed, the total disk space used is actually only a little over 100GB(there is a small amount of overhead for each snapshot). This is because both the original subvolume and the snapshot are actually just pointing to the same data.


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