When is Garuda getting the new AMD driver?

Just wondering when it is getting the new driver.

When it's ready :tm:


What do you mean by "new AMD driver"?

You can install the mainline kernel, which is already 6.4 release candidate (i.e. newer stuff than 6.3 which Zen is currently). And there even is a DRM-next kernel available, where you can beta-test the next (AMD) gpu drm drivers.

If you are talking about rocm, then there is the opencl-amd package in AUR that already is 5.5, which is currently the latest released version.

I don't think you can get much more recent than this... and it is quite easy to achieve (and to recover if anything fails for you :wink: )

And if you don't have a very specific reason why you want the "newest drivers", then you probably stick with what you have and wait until it is updated and will be fine. :slight_smile:


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