What's with the icons?

I hope I don’t make myself look like an idiot for the 4th time in a row (or 5th time) but when copy-pasting some errors I noticed that the icons for git and cmake (i think) were Mtavruli. Probably because nobody uses them.
So far, the only one I have gotten since the reset is  (git)
However, when trying to use the Mtavruli ones from Wikipedia, they were completely normal. So what gives?

Looking in the clipboard, we can see that the Mtavruli  (The git icon) is bolder than the rest.
However, when pasting into DuckDuckGo… well, this happens:

Pale Moon shows the character as F418
So it might not have been Mtavruli after all?
The second I put in the real Mtavruli Შ, the font switches entirely. But at least it shows.

So then. The icons are Private Use Areas. I just don’t know where they are.

When you paste text into a website, the web browser uses the fonts specified by the website. This is different from your terminal or other applications, where you can use font packages with glyphs and icons and so on that you have installed.

If a website’s fonts don’t support the glyphs and icons you are adding, you’ll see fallback characters like different symbols or the little boxes with a code inside.


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