What's with the alternate logo?

Hey there!
I've seen an alternate Garuda logo floating around the forum with some people from the Garuda team even using it as their profile picture. I'm talking about the one more similar to the one displayed in neofetch. Personally I think it looks very good and I was wondering if there are any plans to start using it as the official logo any time soon?

(also if I could get a png of it to use as my menu icon that would be lovely <3)

Do you mean this?

only librewish use it as avatar.


Yeah, this one! I've also seen orange-red versions

This is the personal one from the boss :slight_smile: :wink:

If you need a button or avatar, tell me the measurements, if I have time and desire I do this for active members in the forum :smiley: :slight_smile:


I don't really know the measurements, it doesn't have to be big since it's only for the small menu icon. I know it has to be a square else it gets squished. Anyway, I can make that myself, I'd just need the png of the logo and I'll edit it to fit.

You got the link above, you can save the picture, it is a png file.



Quick gimp skills haha
nevermind just realised the background broke

Maybe this one?


Oh that is great!! Thanks a lot!


Somewhere on here, a number of logos were shown.
They included the the graphic and the words 'Garuda Linux'. I use the Cluster pic as my main graphic. Your graphic would look so good on my wall. I downloaded it from this site but i could not resize it.


Yes the logo is definitely a winner. We're going to have to start selling stickers of it before some enterprising weasle starts making a profit off the logo @SGS created.

It's the nicest, most readily identifiable logo in the Linux world IMO.


Do not know if you mean me and which pic?

Maybe we can talk about :slight_smile:


I saw it about 6 weeks ago. It was a logo, several logos actually. Here it is but i do not know how to make it bigger.

And my wall paper is the "Cluster" theme.



Help me with link or picture :slight_smile:
and it must be this font? :smiley:

Ok, font is timeburner.

Big enough?


If you want I can give the .svg vector files as well. I had to switch them on the post for the .png because of font rendering issues with the browsers, that way it's never gonna be too small ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Thank you, that will be awesome on my home page. In the next few days, I will load Garuda Linux on my laptop. It will be the only distro on my laptop. What should I used to make it bigger. When i place it on home page, it becomes tiny. That is OK, I do not want to bother you. I may experiment with it.



Update? Link to buy stickers?

Congrats at winning the distro war.