What's with an ARM Garuda build?

hey, i just saw a (i think locked) post on an request for a arm build of garuda, which was some time ago, is someone creating it, is there already one or is it not planned at all? i'd really love a garuda vm on my raspberry pi 4, which is running proxmos, so i could connect to it if i feel like accessing garuda from somewhere without my laptop etc, thanks in advance!

This is not planned.


I mark-it-solved ! :slight_smile:


Apart from not being planned, this is not going to work very well anyway - I tried playing around with UI on my Raspberry Pi and have to admit that it's an anywhere beyond enjoyable experience. A real "Garuda like" experience would not be possible :confused:
For such devices, ArchlinuxARM is going to be your best bet :slight_smile: