What would happen if I were to use an old iso?

I want to get a Mini PC and since I don’t want to risk getting Manjaro again and endeavour seems a bit too raw(not too many Gui tools) I think that I might have either Garuda gnome or cinnamon on my usb flash drive.

Is it a problem if let’s say the .iso has 6 months - 1 year since it was download?

What would happen to the mini PC if I were to install it like that??

Nothing much you would just have a crazy long update list possibly in gigabytes and might face a lot of mirror issues while updating.


I see, so I should download it again… It’s fine I think

Is it true that Garuda is made in India? I heard it on the web recently

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Garuda is a community effort by people from all over the world. look at the contributions page.


Don’t believe the foolish stuff “on the web” or YouTube, either. :smiley:

Welcome to Garuda Linux! We’ll keep the lights on doors open for you. :slight_smile: .


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