What’s the hottest new Desktop Environment or Window Manager right now in 2023?

I’m currently using KDE Plasma on Garuda but I’m always interested to see what new developments come out and what they might have to offer. So what would you say is the hottest de?

Well for window managers
I would say hyprland

For DE's I don't care but most of the time when I was a full fledged DE user if I didn't liked the default DE then I usually changed it to cinnamon
but yeah that is present for a long time.


I’ll definitely have to check that out. It’s funny that I have become such a fan of KDE Plasma when I was a contributor to GNOME LOL :joy:

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for a DE, lxqt is maturing nicely, very low resource use but can be used with a few wm's too, kwin for a bit of bling (thats what garuda's version uses), or openbox to make it very light indeed.

Hyprland, judging from r/unixporn posts.


"Maui Shell is a convergent shell for desktops, tablets, and phones"

Maui Shell: GitHub - Nitrux/maui-shell: Maui Shell is a convergent shell for desktops, tablets, and phones.
Wiki: Home · Nitrux/maui-shell Wiki · GitHub
AUR Link: AUR (en) - maui-shell-git
Other Links: Maui Shell is Here, Ushering in a New Era of Desktop Linux

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The Plasma vs GNOME debate still goes on with both DEs receiving feature updates frequently.

Very true! There are things from both that I love and don’t love from them

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