What login manager is in use?

I thought it was sddm but I cannot find any evidence of being installed. Can I switch it to sddm?

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It is greetd

Specifically QtGreetd

You can switch to SDDM if you want. Any particular reason?


There is a Nord theme for SDDM. Better fit.

Update: apparently there is a dependency on Xorg for some reason.

Update 2: researching qtGreetd to see if i can theme it.


qtgreetd is not very themable, unfortunately. Pity SDDM uses xorg instead of wayland.


did you try xwayland?

SDDM installs xorg as a dependancy. That will have to be addressed at some point.

So I've got the background changed so it is no longer Santa Claus. I will fiddle with the colors to get a Nord colorscheme going. I just need to figure out where the user icon is coming from so I can change it from the BeOS ones it uses to something more appropriate.

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I ended up installing sddm and using that to launch sway. Works well and looks much better.

Stupid question: how does one take a screenshot of the login screen outside of using a VM?

Picture with your smartphone :slight_smile:

I think an HDMI capture card would be a much better solution than taking a picture with a smartphone.

I'll go ahead and close this thread down since it was answered two years ago in the second post.