What issues does Garuda may cause in multi-boot system?

I currently use linux mint and windows 11 in a dual boot system. I want to install garuda as third OS simply to try it out before moving to it as my daily driver. However, I intend to keep all the three OS in my system.

I know that Garuda Linux does not officially dual-boot (and I suppose multi-boot also). So, I just wanted to know what could go wrong because till now I have been using Linux Mint (for over two years now) along side Windows 11 (updated from Windows 10) till now, and I have not faced any problems till now with my current configuration.

Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Edit: I had tried Garuda on virtual box. It did not work properly in it. There were many bugs. Officially, it is not recommended on virtual environment. That's why I want to try it on my hardware.

The problem is usually Windows going nuclear and destroying boot order. Such cases are usually hard to resolve so Garuda devs don’t officialy support it. But it is possible to dual boot Garuda and you will get a boot menu to select between Garuda and Windows. (if all goes well)

By the way, I am dual booting as well.


M$ destroy grub, not the order :wink:
Repair grub with live ISO and use Garuda-Welcome - chroot -.

Please use search function in forum first, it is explained and



But the Live ISO boots correctly, right?

True. If you wish to see why then spend a few minutes searching and reading some of the recent posts regarding your topic. A real horror show.

No one here can answer that question--regarding your system--unqualified.

Then you will be able to troubleshoot and solve any new dual/multi-boot problems without Garuda official help, is that correct?

There are any number of experienced dual/multi-boot Linux users in this forum. You rarely hear from the well-experienced users that do, because they have the abilities listed above. Then there are the multitude of users you may or may not hear from because they either do not practice this or they've in the past been stung, and "once burnt twice shy."

Most of the very experienced users here will tell you to just don't do it. Multiple drives, drive caddies, etc., there are a lot of other methods you might have better long-term success using. And, of course, there are always the edge cases.

I guess, to sum up this advice, I would say do it if you have the technical savvy or drive to make any necessary repairs unaided. In all other cases, you should not depend on forum help if it all goes balls up--you have been warned.

Unless this is an educational experiment and then just go for it. A negative outcome can be just as educational as a positive one, if you are able to bisect them.

But have fun and welcome to Garuda Linux.


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