What is your favorite hobby/passion

Not so much anymore. I've been in contact with my 19 year old grandson who I'll get to meet for the first time, ever, in a few months when we move to Colorado. And we have plans to do more than just chat. He's one of five grandsons, four of them born after we moved to Alaska so I've never had the pleasure before. Three of them are currently in Wisconsin, but my CO. grandson says he's going to drag 'em out to get to know me. I'm thrilled beyond measurement and have great moments to look forward to in the near future.

He has the largest cannabis paraphernalia collection (from pics) I've ever seen outside of a paraphernalia store. Way too much for a 19 year old, but I'm shipping him some of my old rigs to add to his collection. So we've bonded over that stuff already. :wink:


Bests with that one - bit of a change in weather and company...just the ticket, eh!


You're as young as the company you keep. :smiley:


When I'm not in the Octagon .... I play with Yo-Yo's.

Don't use Linux to meditate ... I just enjoy driving myself nuts!

I'll admit that I promise to be careful with provocative threads like this. Straight shooters can get themselves in some very hot water. Just ask the mods over at the will-not-mention-the-name-of-the-distro forum.




Some incredible work my friend.


I couldn't agree more!
I really intensely get into hobbies and then they kind of wane. I still come back to a few every so often, but they are not permanent hobbies.

Previous hobbies I have done included:

  • Flight Simulation (Still do every now and then, I got Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 running on Garuda pretty well)

  • Wood working(Just like you, I mostly built practical things)

  • I have also sort of gotten into HAM Radio(Although I don't know if listening to shortwave really counts)

  • I also had a strong 3D printing phase at one point. I still use the 3D printer every so often.

  • Back in 2017-18, I was really into cryptocurrencies and cryptomining. That turned out to reap some strong rewards for me, but it is also waned as an interest for me. I did kind of pick it up recently. I've just started mining Ethereum again on my Garuda machine. I currently have an Nvidia Card and old AMD card installed. I am running the AMD card(RX 480) 24/7 on mining and using the Nvidia card for my leisure. I think I am currently earning $3.25 a day. However, Crypto had a big crash today, and it is likely to crash even further in the future. If it crashes far enough, I might buy a little as an investment.

Also, on the AMD Card. I'm thankful the Chaotic AUR had the package opencl-amd. I was able to get everything up and running without installing the full amdgpu-pro driver.


Is this a serious note or sarcasm? Serious inquiry :slight_smile:

What's the


octagon is cage fighting

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Listening to music.
Watching movies and TV series.
Reading books.
Eating ( good ) food.
Trying to make sense of human beings ( I know this is a hopeless endeavour ).
Traveling the Himalayas.


Basketball - (as the avatar suggests) and Books! Not very interesting but one to keep me healthy and one to keep me relatively competent!

  • Forceing windblows users to use linux
  • playing minecraft
  • Customizing my desktop.
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I tell other OS users why I use Linux, it's up to then if they want to take Linux OS for a spin or not. :wink:


Telling people I use Arch BTW.


Golf. Cars. Blackjack and hookers. Cocaine benders in Las Vegas. But more seriously: Hiking/backpacking.

And work. I work a lot. My career is my passion though. I run a golf course and I love the grass. And more importantly than anything: my dog, who comes with me to work everyday. He keeps the geese away and shreds paper. He's the best thing I've ever done.

Pro update: The branch manager hard at work.


This is what I love to do during the 16 hour window I get to experience every day (apart from sleeping lol).

  • Fitness (At-least 30 min jog per day).
  • Cooking (particularly Indian cuisine).
  • Reading books which gives existential dreads.
  • Meditating (to de-bloat your mind).
  • Blogging (creativity).
  • Listening to Carnatic Music (stress buster).
  • Programming in C, Rust, Python and Shell.
  • Linux - been using since 2014 ever since I discovered Ubuntu.
  • Lurking in discord channels and talking to new people.
  • Privacy and Cryptocurrency related stuff.
  • Psychic Sleep to heal and relax deeply.

I also enjoy playing Veloren , OpenTTD and Minetest


Having nothing but time now (I know :grin: Stroke of luck ya see) I am quite taken with the culinary arts:

  • BIR (British Indian Restaurant) curries - admittedly, mostly Bangladeshi meals.
  • Southern Indian (home cooked) cuisine.
  • Home-made sausages - particularly those of England and Germany (Thuringen Bratwurst).
  • BBQ of Southern US - delicious (weather providing, of course).
  • Home brewed beers, particularly NEIPA (New England Pale Ales, with the amazing hop inclusions) plus German 'Alt'/dark beers and sour beers. (lucky to spend 3 years near Goch, in Weeze - fantastic)
  • Garuda - of course :grin:.
  • Trying to help ex-windoze emigrees as myself, adapt to the ethos and mindset of Garuda/Arch Linux.

Now I am house-bound, I find other avenues - as is the 'normal' human way of creative expression... but everything I create turns to shizznitt :rofl: Ah well!

Life has been and continues to be, an absolute gas!


Make websites in html 5 and teach others about Linux