What is your favorite hobby/passion

Thought it might be fun to see who enjoys what - guitar, running, playing CTF's etc.

The three F's of course, food, fishing and f******.

  • Expressing superiority over windows pleebs
  • Talking about Linux
  • Reading Animal Farm

Now this is funny! I had typed out - "I sear if I get a "p0rn" response lolololol"

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I believe you are in a cult sir :rofl:

  • Linux stuff
  • Building a car (which I did from pieces and handcrafting)
  • Riding my bikes (with engines, no pedals) and driving that above car
  • Off-road running, training, lots of physical activities to stay in health

My main hobby these days appears to be procrastination. Maybe a vaccine will cure the problem....


Waking up alive. Beats the alternatives. No, I'm not joking. :slight_smile:

It's not that I'm that old, but age & a variety of physical afflictions kind of take the passion out of most things nowadays. Even weed fer godsakes! I need to smoke all day long to maintain a low enough pain level not to rip off everyone's head. Where's the fun in that?

Even a glass of wine is boring and too much wine is too much wine.

Worse than that. I've become the old fart sits around at holiday dinners with all the other old farts listing and describing each of our illnesses in turn. :frowning:

Oh! But I do enjoy Linux. :wink:


Camping/backpacking. Photography. Golf. Formerly building cars (someday again when I don't live in the absurdly over priced socialism utopia of California where one bedroom apartments cost $2000/mo).

BUT more importantly than anything else, hiking with my dog.


Gee! Ours (Toronto ON CA) are only $1600-$1925 (or so). We have golf courses too!


I grew up not crazy far from Toronto. I can't take the cold anymore. And that's way more than I'm willing to pay to live in the cold.

Either way, unless I make a lot more money which is unlikely since I already do fairly well, or real estate gets significantly cheaper here in Los Angeles, garage space probably won't be in my future anytime soon. Arizona and Florida are possible future venues.


I couldn't take the heat in either of those any more! (experienced from my 18-wheeler). I guess you choose between those by your tolerance for humidity! (Arizona is still HOT even if dry, though.

Ever considered staying in California, and trying out San Diego? :grin:

(now back to the regularly scheduled....)


Apparently, today's "passion" is listening to the "Shaun the Sheep" tune all day long. In my head. No accompaniment necessary. 'Tis rather jolly.


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It's on my list. I've applied to a couple jobs there. No dice yet. San Diego is the nicest place in California by many many magnitudes. I love it there.

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How can any of you people like big city living? I'm stuck near Seattle and there are just too damn many rats in this 3.4-million (msa) town cage. Way too many! 5,000 people. 10,000 people. Just big enough for decent healthcare & a Walmart. That's all I need or want.

Trust me, I don't love my fellow citizens all that much. :wink:


Is that where you are?

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It might be surprising but its Linux stuff and tinkering :heart:


no way, I would not ever believe that!

I am trying to add some color and icons to the terminal of yours - is there any extra customizing you do on yours or just how you released it? Just curious.

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Well I do some astrophotography and photography these days. Propagating FOSS and linux seem to have crept up out of nowhere. And also I play guitar(havent picked up my guitar in a long time tho).


We share some of the same passions/hobbies :slight_smile:

Acoustic or electric or both? What is your favorite brand guitar?