What is Chaotic-AUR

I went to their GitHub but didn't really understand what I was reading. Is this a new package distribution source? What is the difference between it and the Community driven AUR?

Quality Control?

I read the About section on their GitHub but couldn't make sense from it other than they host packages.


  • Most packages available in this repo are automatically built from their respective AUR source package. However there are a few exceptions, check out the packages repo to find out which ones.
  • The primary building cluster is a node in UFSCars datacenter which is hosted in São Carlos, São Paulo, Brazil.

Packages do not have to build yourself.
You save electricity power and time.



Thank you for your time, I was over thinking what it was.

I was reading a post on Reddit from a Dev Maintainer from Chaotic-AUR who said that technically Chaotic-AUR is not safe, and that everyone should be cross referencing the packages on the AUR page before they install them.

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I believe that is technically accurate. This came up in another thread recently, see TNE's response here:


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