Well I'll be dipped

Looks like I pulled it off. In spite of a severe head-wound suffered earlier today whilst researching the installation (voluntarily slammed repeatedly and violently into my desk) I figgered it out. If I'm honest (ha!) it was easy, but I'm known for being ridiculously cautious to the point of just standing there stunned and barely breathing. But I done did it thanks to an excellent and intuitive installer.

Having used various Linux distros over the past 15 years, I think (ha!) I'm qualified to say this is the most exciting OS I have yet tried. It is deep and robust, elegant and sophisticated, things I might venture were and still are absent with several others I have abused. It's skilled, adaptable and effective which is very high praise from me. I am most grateful to the developers and their fellow travelers.


144 words to say "Nice!" :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oh boy. Just wait 'til you start trying to pin down BTRFS. Trauma City!

So are we. And almost all can be forgiven if you just add that last bit to every one of your future posts. :wink:

Oh yeah, and welcome to Garuda Linux, where the only thing needed besides yourself is two sheep and a six-pack of ®Vaseline!


Greetings from the Island to the Cariboo.

Nice to see a few more fellow BC'ers joining the party. :beers:


A gross over-simplification :grin:

Welcome, welcome @wrecked :wave:

I got a bulk supply of painkillers, myself and engaged a good therapist! :wink:


I'm gonna be a might distracted for spell... I gots me a new shiny object that gets shinier with each keystroke. Learning a good new Linux distro is the best gaming experience there is!

First order of bidness: get sound to my external monitor. There is great joy when one hunts around through dozens of posts, eventually finding various fixes, then punching in the right one, et voila! I really like the kind that causes console (er, Konsole) to list off thousands of lines of code. It's the mechanic in me that enjoys watching a machine work to purpose.

And I plan to load up on some suitable pharmaceuticals and train my little Piranha fish to use a funnel for feedings, change my pan and wash me up a couple times a month. I'm goin' deep.

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I forgot the most important thing! What first caught my eye—other than the beauty of this beast—was the principle/statement on ram usage. I've never really understood why ram must be spared at all times, especially when using a capable OS like Garuda. That's dated and archaic thinking IMO. I'm going to enjoy where these developers lead.

I'll likely look a little deeper some time to see how Garuda uses ram etc in action, but I can already see it's very competent indeed.