Weird Window Buttons Behavior

The Window Buttons thing in the latte-dock panel only shows when there is a maximized window in my left monitor (I have three monitors). Pressing the close button on my right monitor closes the maximized window on my left monitor, even if the active window is maximized on the right monitor. How can I make it close the active window? This also happens with the drag window feature in the empty space in the middle.

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Can you describe with more precision what that is? Is it an icon? A feature in a submenu? What does that “thing”, as you say, is expected to do? How do you think it’s expected to behave and it should behave based on what trigger?

So far my guess is you are talking about the 3 buttons (red, purple yellow) with Close, Maximized and Minimized buttons. If that’s true, then this is related to the Window Buttons KDE applet and Garuda has very little if no control over that.

But, if you go into its Settings (of Window Buttons applet), you will find a nice setting called Always Visible:

Give that a shot! :slight_smile:

Or give the other options above a shot, maybe one of them will make it work the way you want. If nothing does, than I guess you could post on Window Buttons’ github about it. I’m saying that in case no one here would know the answer.
I’m seeing Show Only for windows in current screen. What if you disable that?


Yes I am talking about the three buttons, I want it to close the active (maximized) window when I press the close button.
I tried changing the when it shows, but is still only closes the previously active window on the left monitor, even if the current active window is not on that monitor.

By default the option Last active window is maximized is checked. Best guess is you have to check something else in the settings.

If you try various combinations of settings and none work, my suggestion would be to search (or even post) in here GitHub - psifidotos/applet-window-buttons: Plasma 5 applet in order to show window buttons in your panels
Of course Google is also very useful, I'm sure a bunch of people have the same issue in various other forums. Again that is if no one on this forum has gone through the issue or doesn't see this topic.


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