Weird bar on the left side of the screen


I just installed Garuda KDE Dr460nized and noticed a bar on the left side of the screen that only appears when I hover over it. It sometimes randomly hides all windows with an animation, similar to Win + D. Where can I configure or disable it? How exactly does it work? It's pretty confusing and annoying.

Thanks in advance!

Its in KDE settings. Screen region is what its called I believe.


In kde settings, screen edges, click on grey box and select no action.

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Thank you very much! I already suspected that I can disable it there but these gray boxes didn't look clickable.

Why exactly is it enabled by default? Most people are probably more familiar with the Win + D hotkey.

It's KDE default. So

Anyways, I am marking it solved.


I found this useful actually ( didnt know about Win + D combo :laughing: ). Since this seems to confuse quite a lot of people its disabled now.


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