Webtorrent on Garunda?

Hello i am new to this forum.
I want to use Webtorrent , but i am unsure how to install it.
I cant install it with pacman.
I installed yaourt and it finds webtorrent-cli.
But when installing it it gets scary and it asks to edit some kind of variables.

sudo yaourt -S webtorrent-cli
and it says
webtorrent-cli 4.0.3-1 (2022-02-04 01:46) (Unsupported package: Potentially dangerous!) ==> edit PKGBUILD? [Y/n] ("A" to cancel) ==> ---------------------------------------------- ==> j Please add $VISUAL to your environment variables For example: export VISUAL="vim" (in ~/.bashrc) (Replace vim with your favorite editor) ==> edit PKGBUILD with:
what am i supposed to do?

Is there a other way to install it , that isnt "dangerous".

Or do you know a useable torrent player , that i can paste a torrent link in and it will play it ?

Hi there, welcome.
That message is only a warning, and I think it is typical of yaourt, probably to highlight the fact that the package is from the AUR and not from the Arch repo.
You should have paru already installed in the system as AUR helper.
Why don't you try with

paru webtorrent-cli

No sudo there

This is a different story (and topic maybe).
You didn't include your garuda-inxi, as required by the template.
In KDE Dr460nized for example we have KTorrent.


Thank you , after trying it a couple times, it installed successfully .
Have a nice day


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