Wayland Problems on Wayfire Edition

First of all I want to thank you for this amazing distro. It's immediately become my fav one. :smiley:

I am using the Wayfire edition and I've encountered some problems that I think have to do with Wayland.

  • In OBS my preview is trasnparent
  • In Yuzu my view when a game starts is also trasnparent
  • The Dolphin runner in Lutris fails to initialize the Video Backend but normal Dolphin (not a runner) works just fine.

Are these problems that I can do something about or do I just have to wait for Wayland to be improved?

Sorry for the noob questions, I'm not very exprienced and it's my first time using Wayfire.

These problems needs to be fixed by those apps.


Wayland is nicer than Xorg but it need more development and need more developers to adopt it. i hope it fixes the screen tearing found in Xorg

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