Wayfire garuda on 3840x2160 screen - scale factor does not stick!

I use a 15" 4k (3840x2160) display and have set it up with a scale factor of 1.50 for legibility.

On a random basis (but quite frequently, several times per hour on average) and with no warning the screen output is reset to the default scale factor of 1.00.

I haven't been able to find a pattern as to the circumstances when the issue takes place.

Of course this is extremely disruptive since I have to stop whatever I was doing, fire up wdisplays, and change the scale factor back to my favored 1.50.

This is specific to garuda since I have had wayfire running on another system (ubuntu 21.10) for over a month where no such problem has ever occurred (although I must admit taht on this other system I installed wayfire and other components from source using the git master branch.

Not sure what kind of documentation I could provide to help debug this. I have taken a look at dmesg & syslog for any messages on several occasions but I haven't seen anything suspicious.

What fixes/changes have been committed between the version present in Garuda and the version you built?

That's one alley I could explore... but I'd say it would be near impossible to find anything conclusive without some knowledge of the code. I'm still configuring wayfire to work the way I need and I haven't updated the stuff on the ubuntu system in over a month... Since garuda is touted as a rolling release type of distro I don't know what's in garuda either. I am not really familiar with the archlinux/garuda packaging system but I assume there is some form of changes list available some place or other?

I might try to update wayfire and the other relevant github projects and see if I can recreate on the ubuntu system?

I could also get back to the wayfire developers on libera #wayfire and see if they have any suggestions?

My approach at this point was more a matter of this being some sort of known issue and my not having found anything relevant while researching. Thought maybe someone might have run into the same issue and worked around or fixed it...



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I'd check the package version in Garuda and compare to the release prior to the commit you compiled. It's possible that the Garuda version is newer, but only you know which commit you used. :wink:

Not that it's going to be much help but it just happened (again) when I fired up the wcm configuration tool, went to 'command' to add a command to open nwg-drawer via the keyboard. The window was incorrectly scaled so I could access the '+' at right bottom to add a new command. So I used the mouse to resize the window and bam.... I was back to scale x1.00.

And the good news is that it is reproducible!

When I go through the entire sequence over again after closing the wayfire config manager the same thing happens: the minute I click on the + within a circle I'm back with the tiney hard to read letters.

Are you able to confirm this?

Oh another thing.

wdisplays has an overlay with the monitory name tucked in the three line hamburger menu at the top.

Well I have disabled this annoying overlay perhaps half a dozen times and that's another choice that does not stick!

So perhaps it's wcm/wdisplays that is not doing what's it's supposed to?

nota bene: in the original github wcm the wdisplays functionality is accessible directly from the home screen (bottom left... a button that says 'outputs' IIRC...

Install wayfire-git and see if that fixes your issue we use stable version and a lot has changed since last release.

paru -S wayfire-git

The wayfire upstream people were not surprised and provided a workaround — basically not to use wdisplays and edit the config file making sure wcm is not running (?) that I have to test to make sure I'm making sense of their recommendations. I was more looking for a workaround because I am running tests using the garuds environment and this constant resetting of the scale factor was making it difficult to keep track of what i was doing. I'd much rather not have another github/source install of wayfire to worrry about on the garuda box.

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