Warmly forum i had ever saw

In this morning, I request my issue to garuda forum. They explain me clearly and now desided to change my distro to garuda- Dr460nized edition. I really love this beauty and the beast. And I really appereciate the developer of garuda linux. I really really love it. And sorry for my bad English.


I installed Garuda Linux three times today.
On the one hand, because I repartitioned both of my hard drives to adapt them to my current requirements.
I donated the second Garuda Linux to my other PC and I installed the third on my neighbor's laptop.

I only had to restart the installation once because it ended abruptly with "Calamares".
At home, we say: "Sing ken ken". In this case that means roughly: "It's ok"

Well, I could use a glass of Garuda beer, couldn't I?