Want tiling wm recomendations for wayland that aren't sway

I funkin love i3 but now that I’ve bent it to my will I want to carry my madness over to over tiling wms but I wanna try out wayland so now’s a good time.



is it necessary to reinstall the os to use it given it’s an iso?

You can side install it, and have two different flavours as dual boot. I would recommend that instead of doing something like having multiple environments in single system(this would might break and I won’t recommend it untill you are very advanced user).

I’d prefer to have two different environments (unless having a x11 wm and a seperate wayland wm breaks something) as is I want to see which better suits my current mode of operations and I enjoy fixing problems as they are created.

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So you are good to go, :slightly_smiling_face:

Just install garuda-hyprland-settings package, I think that would be enough, then reboot and select hyprland from login screen and see if it works :wink:

(There are chances that it may break or not even log into it, so keep a back up first )

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