Walpaper on LogON does't be remebered on Garuda KDE lite after resume

Hi Garuda users, I use KDE Lite and I have this little issue, on that KDE Garuda rom there is only one desktop imagine avalilable and is the orrible "landing" imagine, so I download Garuda desktop wallpapers and set one of those as imagine for log on and it is OK is is perfectly showed.
But if I resume my laptop after suspend wallpaper continue been the "landing" imagine. If I reset to my favourite desktop it is showed for 2 or 3 times then return been the landing imagine.
Garuda wallpapers I install and i load are stored on usr/share/wallpapers/garuda-wallpapers and the landing wallpeper is sored on usr/share/wallpapers/next
Not a great issue and I know kde is partially supported but .. just to let you know that strange behaviour hoping can be solved.

Set a wallpaper for the lock screen, not the login screen (SDDM)


Many thanks, I forgot this setting was separated

Maybe you overread

Garuda Linux KDE lite

Garuda Linux KDE lite is made for users who do not want extra software and functionalities and complain about bloat. It contains only the bare minimum of packages needed to get started.
(You are on your own, we do not provide any support for KDE lite editions!)