Waiting for new features

I recommend features such as device driver management and package management using GUI

Also dkms dynamic kernel management system in AUR gives new features

Also yes/no warning prompt is required in terminal while installation and other process to avoid accidental window closing.

Automatic boot repair prompt or any shortcut way to get into terminal from boot menu.

You're kidding me-200-sgs

Troll on other planet, please.


I believe Garuda already has this.

Grub already has this capability to get to the terminal at startup & if you bork your install that is why we have snapshots to roll back to a known good configuration.


I mean I have installed garuda in a pendrive in efi for trying and testing stability , features I already hve windows installed in hdd

I know but

on a stick is worthless.

Buy a cheap SSD or Nvme.
Install it properly.


I cannot use btrfs snapshot from boot menu but it can be done from btrfs assistant in the OS.

You don't use the default installation and request a special version for yourself?
How old are you?
I mean because of the waiting for new features. :smiley:

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Torture the OS maximum to check its stability as linux kernel 5.18 is released it includes improved I/O functionality to btrfs system and new features.

How can I upgrade garuda for that.

Iam also a gamer I like to play high end win games in linux
I see garuda as a better option for gamers

But I cannot instll wine it showed another issue.

In Canada where I live a small SSD capable of installing Garuda on can be bought for $20. That is not much more than a thumb drive or a meal at any fast food restaurant. Garuda is not intended to be run from a flashdrive. Install Garuda to metal, as that is what it is optimised for.


I need to restore to a snapshot using tty terminal using btrfs command

It is 1550 /- rupees in India.

Many times when we ask for new features it's cuz we don't fully understand the system. No blame for that!
I went through that on my first month with Garuda when I asked to integrate hddtemp as a package in a future release. I got turned down by Dragonfire for good reasons (mostly bloating ISO) and it got me searching for a solution. Turns out I found 2 or 3 other ways to get SSD temperatures BY DEFAULT! Boy he was right and boy I changed my ways of learning.

As a constructive comment, what I'd suggest is instead of asking for a feature right off the bat, you could open a topic for that wanted feature (one per topic!) and ask the Forum "As a user I want to do [this] in order to [that]. I cannot find how to, here's where I searched already. Is there a clean way this can currently be done with Garuda?"

Once you get the answer, you can then ask if it would be inline with Garuda's development principles and goals to integrate it in a future release.

My 2 cents.



Need help for this


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the snapper-tools --help cli should be helpful


using gpart is the partition flagged as raid?

err:Could not connect to display

My path to snapshot is @/.snapshots/5/snapshot

How to restore it

This is not appropriate for a feedback thread. If you need help, open a support thread. Clearly identify the issue, provide your garuda-inxi output, explain what happened, and describe what you have tried to do so far to fix it.