Vivaldi/chrome key issue fix

Now I didn't find this fix Darin from Supergamer Distro helped me out and now it's happening on ,
Garuda to me So I'm posting the fix.
Now when I launch Vivaldi browser it asks for your key.
so you edit the launcher you made and add this and that stuff stops:
#/usr/bin/vivaldi-stable --password-store=basic %U#
you just add< --password-store=basic> to the launcher args.
no more key asked for.

Do you fell like posting what the specific issue is and how you ended up with it. I've been using Vivaldi for a long time and haven't run into this. Thanks

This disables the keyring integration and will store your passwords on disk in plain text.

If you're happy with that then it's a fix. if you're not then having your keyring unlock on login is a better approach.


I turn off store passwords in the browser by default.
I do not want the browser to store them.
Why I have a password manager that encrypts it's db.

Ok; for a while under super gamer(ubuntu spin) when installing Vivaldi or chrome it would just keep asking for the keyring pw to let the browser run without that darn password prompt.
Now after I reinstalled this time in Garuda I get the same issue so I use this fix .
plus I never let any browser store passwords .

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