Visual Studio in Setup Assistant

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Currently, new users face "Visual Studio Code" in the setup assistant and are left to assume, this might be the normal version.

I myself installed it and tried to "bug track" why I couldn't login to my account.

I dont know, if there are other irregularities for users, but I suggest to offer both, VSCode OSS and VSCode as it comes from Microsoft and title it that way.

Currently, its confusing.

I agree 100%. The OSS version seems to have issues with the marketplace and extensions.

I found this (one of many) threads on GitHub

Edit: Installing aur/code-features fixed my API issues with GitHub PR and Issues extension.

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You can submit a merge request here changing the name and then copy the 3 lines and change the package name from code to visual-studio-code-bin


So, if I understood you right, you suggest to switch to the official release?

And it's fine that it is on AUR?

It's on the AUR yeah, but it's also packaged officially in chaotic-aur, so it's not different from any other repo package.

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I actually had a look on and it links on the bottom to this page:

Package list:

There is nothing, so I assumed its not packaged on Chaotic.

while we're at it: What about supporting VSCodium as well? It's the non-tracking version of vscode


Yeah, vs codium is great for privacy.
But M$ is always playing dirty games. They disable most useful extensions, plugins etc. on vs codium and even other vs code unofficial builds.

So, I ditched vs code altogether. I use kate for normal text editing, and it's really good at it.


that's not the case. VSCodium is using a different (unofficial) plugin mirror which does not contain tracking. You can still manually download and install packages or just add the mirror afaik

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vscodium-marketplace or vscodium-marketplace-git takes care of that :wink:


So the normal release and the VSCodium edition together seems to make the most sense.

The OSS version apparently bring less value to both camps, since its restricting features compared to the official version and still does ship with tracking enabled.

We could also offer vscodium-marketplace in the post installation wizard as an option.

That would make:

Visual Studio Code (Full version of the Microsoft IDE)
VSCodium (Version of Visual Studio Code with tracking and other non-free services disabled)
VSCodium - Marketplace extension. (Enables full marketplace support for VSCodium)

Do we agree?

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